Madison Law is a Full Service Law Firm

Our firm focuses on a number of legal disciplines critical in today's fast-paced environment. The Firm has the depth of experience, resources, and the talent to handle national and international legal needs. Madison Law has become one of California's fastest growing law firms, representing clients in a full range of business and commercial transactions, along with personal and private needs.

Family Law Madison Law APC

Family law cases are not just about preparing the correct paperwork. Your rights must be competently identified and advocated in court. With multiple practitioners and more than a decade of experience in family law matters, Madison Law provides the right attorney to represent each client.

Bankruptcy Madison Law APC

Bankruptcy: Our attorneys have the experience to guide clients facing business difficulties through the process, including a realistic evaluation of the reorganization plan, assistance in obtaining post-petition financing, and negotiating agreements with interested parties.

Business Litigation Madison Law APC

Business Litigation: Madison Law represents national and international businesses and individuals in all aspects of business and commercial litigation.  We strive to assist our clients to achieve a cost-effective and favorable resolution of legal disputes.  While we aggressively protect our client’s rights and interests, we are sensitive to selecting strategies and options that are most economical and legally sound.

Personal Injury Madison Law APC

Personal Injury matters are serious, complicated and potentially life-changing events. While other attorneys may consider these cases routine, Madison Law believes that handling of each personal injury case requires in-depth legal knowledge, resources, and skill.

Immigration Law Madison Law APC

Immigration is a complicated area of law, in part because the relevant laws and regulations are constantly evolving. In addition to our unique, client-by-client approach to immigration cases, Madison Law offers competitive and affordable rates. Our philosophy is to listen to the client and address their particular needs.

Labor Law Madison Law APC

Employment Law: Madison Law attorneys have extensive experience in pre-litigation and litigation phases in the labor and employment practice area. We can become actively involved with management in identifying and evaluating concerns that may potentially develop into litigation.