About Us

Madison Law APC IrvineMadison Law is a full service law firm, focusing on a number of legal disciplines critical in today's fast-paced environment. Our firm has the depth of experience, resources, and the talent to handle national and international legal needs. Madison Law has become one of California's fastest growing law firms, representing clients in a full range of business and commercial transactions, along with personal and private needs. With years of experience in business and law, Madison Law continues to build on a tradition of providing quality, cost-effective legal services to our diverse clientele. Our modern corporate culture, coupled with our extraordinary legal savvy, has made us the ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations.
We firmly believe that the most effective and important service we provide to our clients is to help them anticipate situations, recognize potential problems, and to develop solutions and strategies that eliminate or avoid issues before they ever materialize. Madison Law is a law firm that was founded by businessmen. Our sensitivity to the issues facing a business in the new millennium sets us apart from the rest. Our knowledge and experience of domestic and international business enables us to provide preventative advice and strategic solutions to our clients. Our continued belief in avoiding potential challenges and resolving inevitable problems results in a close working relationship with our clients. Our attorneys are easily accessible and can often present simple solutions to otherwise complex legal problems.
While we are prepared, equipped, and skilled enough to litigate issues relentlessly, we strive to first explore alternative dispute resolutions through preventative counseling and mediation in order to lessen the burden and costs of lengthy battles for our clients. Madison Law serves the legal needs of individuals and businesses through a plethora of legal services and specialties. Our clients are our friends and we will do everything in our power to protect and defend them.