Family Law

Divorce, child custody, alimony, or other issues arising in family law cases are sensitive and personal. Madison Law attorneys listen carefully to our clients concerns in order to offer the right advice. While some family law matters require quick action, others may require a calm and calculated approach. We have the expertise to identify, communicate, and provide the appropriate legal and practical strategy in each instance.

Family law cases are not just about preparing the correct paperwork. Your rights must be competently identified and advocated in court. With multiple practitioners and more than a decade of experience in family law matters, Madison Law provides the right attorney to represent each client.

Divorces often involve complex accounting and business issues. Assets may have to be researched and located. Division of interest in a business, division of pension plan benefits, and other unique issues arise in divorces. These matters may require attorneys that understand business and accounting issues. With their knowledge and expertise in complicated litigation and discovery issues, Madison Law is uniquely situated among family law attorneys to provide these services and can often obtain beneficial results on issues that may be overlooked by others.