Although we always strive to minimize litigation, when there is no other choice, Madison Law attorneys have the expertise to zealously advocate their clients' best interests in all phases of the litigation process. Engaging in and responding to litigation demands a very aggressive approach tailored to represent our clients from a position of strength.

The litigation process can be costly and burdensome. Therefore, Madison Law manages the litigation process with an eye on minimizing the expense to avoid draining the resources of a litigant or business organization if poorly managed. We have the litigation experience necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our clients position in order to develop a plan designed to leverage the strengths of the case while managing its weaknesses.

Our diverse business experience enables us to advise our clients on the non-litigation impact of available options when facing legal decisions. It is this realistic business approach to legal challenges that gives Madison Law a distinct advantage over other firms representing business entities.

When litigation is imminent, the attorneys at Madison Law excel in trial preparation and have the experience and confidence necessary to readily and ably advocate their client's position in court. Litigators must be ready and able in a courtroom. The litigating attorney must present the experience, credibility, and confidence necessary to prevail at trial. Having successfully defended our clients against adversaries seeking large judgment, and having obtained substantial judgments and jury verdicts, Madison Law attorneys offer that expertise to our clients .