We understand that clients facing the appellate process require counsel with the knowledge, experience and dedication necessary to negotiate challenges, avoid procedural traps, and win or defend judgments.  Madison Law’s appellate attorneys have handled appeals and extraordinary writs in a full spectrum of litigation matters arising from both state and federal trial courts. The firm's appellate attorneys are intimately familiar with appellate procedure and have strong persuasive writing skills, a keen understanding of the law, and the experience necessary to deal with complicated records and legal issues. Our attorneys have successfully defended or reversed judgments and orders to the benefit of our client. They have been published by the California Court of Appeals and have made significant impact in their respective fields. 

Madison Law’s appellate group possess extensive knowledge and experience serving as lead counsel or counsel of record for clients in an extensive range of legal issues.  Our appellate services range from evaluating the merits of a potential appeal or writ to handling the matter through completion of the appellate process