Real Estate

Real estate matters can be complicated and tricky. Madison Law is uniquely situated among real estate attorneys because our firm employs several attorneys who have gained extensive knowledge and experience as licensed real estate brokers. Our attorneys can draw upon years of real estate experience to resolve even the most unique challenges.

Often involving significant financial amounts arising from changing market conditions, either sellers or buyers may be motivated to enforce their rights in a transaction. Your attorney should be able to advise you based on existing market condition as well as the particular facts of your case. Real estate matters may involve complex claims, requiring a strong grasp of applicable local, state, and Federal laws. Madison Law has the resources, know-how and experience to competently resolve matters ranging from a simple unlawful detainer action to complicated environmental disputes. Each real estate dispute can be as unique as the real property itself. Attorneys must be able to identify the particular issues of each case.

Our attorneys are familiar with the traditional issues, forms, and practices in the real estate industry. We draw on our significant experience in the industry when advising our clients in transactional matters and in advocating our clients' interests in a court of law - if necessary. 

Madison Law attorneys have successfully litigated complicated real estate disputes. We have handled environmental claims. We have also handled a variety of commercial and residential claims. Our attorneys are ready to handle whatever challenging real estate issues you may encounter .