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Kasra Sadr’s Motion to Dismiss Federal Case Against Him Denied

In May of 2020, Madison Law, APC filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent Kasra Sadr and the Car Law Firm from directly or indirectly accessing the DMV’s confidential database for commercial purposes. It is alleged that Sadr conspired to acquire the plaintiffs’ personal and private records from the DMV in order to sue car dealerships via mailings sent directly to purchasers.

Sadr filed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed on the basis that, among other things, the bringing of this action violated his constitutional rights. In a recently issued Memorandum and Order, the United States District Court, Eastern District of California has denied the motion in full. This ruling clears the path for the lawsuit against Sadr to move forward towards trial.

Please click the link for the full Memorandum and Order.

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