Sports Law

Knowledge and expertise are vital aspects of successful representation and advice in sports law. Madison Law, APC provides services that span across all forms of sports legal matters and disputes.

Areas of Expertise:

With a focus upon mitigating problems and obtaining the best possible outcomes and results,
Madison Law is able to provide succinct and accurate solutions. Madison Law, APC serves the
legal needs of our clients through a plethora of legal services and specialties, from typical
contractual cases to more complex commercial and financial cases. Our professionals come
from diverse backgrounds and have experience in many subspecialties of sports law.

Sports law is prevalent across, but not limited to:

● Contractual matters
● Employment litigation such as freedom of movement
● Commercial image rights agreements
● Disciplinary procedures and sanctions
● Criminal law in extreme cases
● Wider legal disputes

Whilst sport is a fascinating and exciting field of law to be a part of, it is a distinct and unique
specialization that requires extensive working and practical industry knowledge that Madison
Law is pleased to have in abundance. This knowledge enables us to guide and help athletes
through the legal processes for everything they may need throughout their career, such as
signing their first professional contract, endorsement deals, representation agreements and
Our lawyers have expertise and experience in addressing disputes in the Court of Arbitration for
Sport (CAS) and beyond. Our all-encompassing approach creates a strong foundation to advise
and advocate for our client’s best interests in any given sports law case.

Why Madison Law, APC?

First and foremost, we get results. We can relate to and collaborate effectively with our client
and we are committed to securing the best possible outcome; achieving your goals and
producing solutions. Sports law matters often involve complex contractual, litigation and
business issues. We consider every contributing factor to an issue and help to break down the
complex nature of sports law cases into simple concepts to help you understand our process to
help you achieve the outcome you desire. These matters will require the expertise of attorneys
who understand the intricacies of sports law and different legislation enforced by sport
governing bodies. With our vast experience, knowledge and comprehension of an endless array
of legal scenarios, Madison Law is uniquely situated among sports law attorneys to provide
these services and can often identify, highlight and obtain beneficial results on issues that may
be overlooked by others.

Dr. Erkut Sogut