$3.5 Million Jury Verdict

San Diego family sued General Motors after their defective 2005 Corvette set their home on fire.

$3.4 Million Settlement

Motorcyclist fatally injured by a commercial truck making a left turn in front of oncoming traffic.

$3.2 Million Settlement

Settlement was reached shortly before trial against property owner and broker where client had purchased golf course to later discovery it was built on a landfill with multiple violations of environmental laws.

$2.1 Million Settlement

Construction worker was struck by a negligently driven company truck, resulting in a crushed ankle and multiple surgeries.

$1.25 Million Settlement

Passengers were fatally injured when the driver of the vehicle caused a solo car accident.

$1.8 Million Settlement

Client brought an action against his partner for fraudulent business practices. The partner/defendant claimed poverty and argued he was judgment proof, seemingly leaving client with no recourse. Madison Law found a mechanism by which to involve the insurance company and argued bad faith denials of an insurance claim. As a result, the insurance company settled for $1.8 million to the client. By thinking outside the box, Madison Law was able to obtain relief for the client where relief was otherwise impossible.

$1.0 Million Settlement

Multiple employees sued national organization alleging race, gender, and age discrimination and violations of overtime laws.

$900,000 Settlement

Property owner’s negligent tent assembly resulted in permanent injuries to client’s brachial nerve branch.

$800,000 Settlement

A metal beam negligently fell down an elevator shaft, striking a construction worker and causing him injuries to his neck and back.

$750,000 Settlement

Defective warehouse pallet rack design resulted in large wooden pallets collapsing, rupturing client’s spleen.

$575,000 Settlement

Employee of large manufacturer brought suit against manager for sexual harassment.

$400,000 Settlement

Employee, initially injured by defective bunk-bed, suffering spinal injury, was subsequently injured by her treating doctor.

$250,000 Settlement (without filing suit)

Automobile manufacturer failed to oversee the conduct of department manager who sexually harassed a young female immigrant employee.

$250,000 Settlement

Employee sued a limousine service company for multiple violations of California wage and hour laws.