Eric J. Bautista

Senior Associate

Mr. Bautista attained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from La Sierra University.  He earned a Juris Doctorate in 1998 from the American College of Law.  Mr. Bautista has over twenty years of experience in all aspects of civil trial litigation including arbitrations, mediations, jury trials and appellate advocacy.  The clients that Mr. Bautista has successfully represented include mom and pop business owners to real estate investment trusts.   Mr. Bautista has extensive experience in litigating real estate and commercial contract disputes, many against consumer advocacy law firms. 

Mr. Bautista is keenly aware that preparation and understanding the facts of the client’s dispute and the law that applies are key to attaining the desired result for the client.  In 2015, Mr. Bautista represented an owner of a multi-unit commercial complex who desired to remove all occupants to complete this sale of his building.  The sub-tenants, armed with being represented by a consumer advocacy law firm, were refusing to give up possession under the novel theory that they were residential tenants and were protected from eviction by the Los Angeles Rent Control Ordinance.  This consumer advocacy law firm filed a separate civil action against the owner on behalf of approximately eighteen sub-tenants seeking damages against the owner under the Los Angeles Rent Control Ordinance.  After a two week jury trial, just before the jury was set to render a verdict, the sub-tenants’ attorney agreed to a settlement of both cases, a clear acknowledgment that the jury would have rendered a verdict in favor of the landlord against most, if not all of the sub-tenants, which would have adversely effected the sub-tenants’ separate civil action.  In confirming the “global settlement” with the parties, Judge Graciela Freixes expressed to the parties that she hoped they appreciated the hard work by their attorneys to reach their resolution, noting that the the attorneys were exceptional.


  • Consumer Law
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