Dr. Erkut Sogut

Attorney in Germany


Dr Erkut Sogut is a British-German Sports Lawyer, Sports Agent, Adjunct Professor and an Author. He has spent over a decade refining his legal education in Universities across Germany, England and Turkey. Dr Sogut became a qualified lawyer in Germany in 2009 and completed his PhD in law at the University of Osnabruck in 2014.

Specializing in sports law, Dr Sogut has represented some of the top talents in soccer such as throughout the career of FIFA World Cup winner, Mesut Özil. During this period, Dr Sogut was responsible for negotiating and brokering the largest valued playing contract in the history of English football and the Premier League in 2018 before breaking the equivalent record in the Turkish Super Lig two years later.

Dr Sogut is the founder of soccer agency GROW, which represents over fifty top soccer clients including players and coaches. Additionally, he is a licensed basketball and hockey agent and has extensive knowledge in commercial brand management and legal issues. He is responsible for the development of the M10 brand covering clothing, eSports and media.

Beyond this, Dr Sogut has also experienced success in the literature field as author of three editions of How to Become a Football Agent, and as a novelist of Deadline and Remember My Name. He has also founded the Football Agent Institute, an industry-leading pioneer platform to educate sports agents and sports lawyers. Through this, Dr Sogut has educated professionals around the world in Universities and communities across Europe, Africa and Asia as well as many locations in the USA.

Dr Sogut’s principles lie in the dedication to continually bettering himself. He has a unique enthusiasm for and capability within the field of sports law and his multilingual ability across 4 major languages has made him one of the finest networkers in the industry. He is fluent in English, Spanish, German and Turkish.


Practice areas:

  • Contract Law
  • Sports Law
  • Sports Arbitration