Consumer Law; Auto & Finance Industry

The Auto Industry

California consumers are protected by Federal and state consumer protection laws. California's complex consumer laws affect transactions between merchants and consumers in all areas of commerce, including transactions between automobile dealers and consumers, debt collection efforts, the sale of goods, and a broad array of consumer-related issues.

Recently, a growing number of attorneys in California have taken to bringing suit against small businesses, claiming defects in consumer products. One of the most popular targets for these attorneys is the auto industry. These attorneys make unreasonable demands that would cripple most businesses. They seek injunctions and exorbitant attorneys’ fees for issues that may not even exist. They drag the defendants into expensive litigation, and present outrageous settlement demands on the eve of trial. Most businesses end up paying these demands just to settle. Each settlement generally leads to more lawsuits, as the defendants become targets for unscrupulous plaintiffs’ attorneys. After trying dozens of cases before arbitrators and judges, Madison Law has developed an aggressive and highly successful strategy resulting in favorable decisions for our clients in the vast majority of these cases. We have succeeded in having most cases “thrown out” before they reach trial.

Defense Side (Collect What You Are Owed)

  • Responses to Consumer Legal Remedies Act
  • Responses to Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Civil Litigation Defense
  • Representation in Arbitration Proceedings
  • Trial De Novo
  • Mediation

Plaintiff's Side (Protect Your Business)

  • Draft Contracts/Demand Letters/Collections/Litigation
  • Retail-Installments Sale Contracts -Buyback Contracts
  • Appellate Work
  • Arbitration Agreements
  • Employee Workplace Policy Agreements


The Finance Industry

Madison Law’s clientele include many auto dealers and finance companies of all sizes. We understand the challenges facing the finance and auto industry and have undertaken to provide a “one stop shop” for our clients. These services exceed the typical consumer litigation actions, and include corporate structure issues, employment issues and more. With over two decades of experience in the finance and auto industry, we understand the unique needs of these markets. Through thousands of hours of research and experience in defense of consumer litigation actions, Madison Law, APC, has acquired the necessary knowledge, resources, skill, and talent to address and attack the legal threats facing our clients. Our track record in this area speaks for itself.

Madison Law attorneys are experienced in representing finance companies, insurers, as well as merchants. Having handled thousands of cases in this field, our attorneys have been immensely successful in their endeavors. Whether in trial, arbitration, or an appeal, Madison Law has significantly impacted this area of law to the benefit of its clientele. We have designed an approach to maximize our clients' best interests either as the wholesaler, finance company, or as the dealer. This reputation has led to many potential lawsuits never seeing the light of day when the consumer plaintiff attorney learns the dealer is defended by Madison Law.