Consumer Law; Auto & Finance Industry

California consumers are protected by Federal and state consumer protection laws. Californias complex consumer laws affect transactions between merchants and consumers in all areas of commerce, including transactions between automobile dealers and consumers, debt collection efforts, the sale of goods, and a broad array of consumer-related issues.

Madison Law attorneys use their understanding of consumer protection laws in designing individualized strategies to maximize the clients best interest, regardless of whether advocating on behalf of the consumer or defending a merchants business practices.

Madison Law attorneys are experienced in representing finance companies, insurers, as well as merchants. Having handled thousands of cases in this field, our attorneys have been immensely successful in their endeavors. Whether in trial, arbitration, or an appeal, Madison Law has significantly impacted this area of law to the benefit of its clientele. We have designed an approach to maximize our clients' best interests either as the wholesaler, finance company, or as the dealer.