Business Transaction

What does an owner of a business want in a business transaction?  

A business owner wants a transaction that meets his needs to reach an agreement with another business owner, vendor, or customer, such that both parties are satisfied with the agreement.

A business owner wants agreements in transactions that protect him from potential claims from the other side and any third party affected by the agreement.

A business owner wants to complete agreements as soon as possible at an efficient cost.

In a transaction to finance a business, the owner of the business wants a document prepared for such financing to portray the business in its most favorable light as possible while disclosing all material risks for any potential investor.

Who is the Villain?

The frustration and angst of whether an owner will reach a deal with the other side, the cost to make the deal, time to reach a deal, and obtaining deal terms acceptable to the owner are all issues that a business owner needs to share with his attorney to negotiate and draft a written agreement to achieve a good deal for the owner.

How does Madison Law guide the customer?

Madison Law, APC draws upon the real-life business experience of its attorneys to advise you about the legal and business risks inherent in each agreement that a business owner seeks to reach with a third party.  Two minds thinking about legal and business issues involved in any agreement is better than one mind because each individual analyzing the deal sees risks, issues, and benefits that may not be readily apparent and are often overlooked, such as the tax impact of the transaction on the business and its owners.

Madison Law, APC has experience in representing business owners in the following transactions: buying and selling a businesses (including sales of assets or common stock), loans, commercial leases, unregistered securities, personal property, real property, and intellectual property; implementing incentive stock option plans; issuing securities in private and public offerings; preparing private placement memorandum (“PPM”) and SEC public company filings (such as 8-Ks, 10-Qs, 10-Ks), lending money on a secured basis, and governance of business entities (i.e. corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, etc.).

Further, Madison Law, APC has the expertise to provide you with advice about the tax impact that any of the foregoing transactions may have on your business and you personally.

In sum, Madison Law, APC is a full-service law firm for your business transaction needs. Take action now and contact Madison Law, APC to arrange for a consultation to find out how we can address your business transaction needs.  We can help your obtain a good business deal to transform your business into a great one.